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Affiliate Commissions

One of the most popular methods of making money online is via affiliate marketing , although there are many other methods which we will discuss in detail later. Affiliate marketing is arguably the easiest way to start making an income online, you don't need a website or mailing list when starting out. The only thing you really need is traffic (this will be a recurring subject as it is the heart of any online business). Affiliate marketing pays you a commission for selling other peoples products, they provide the sales pages and funnels and you just promote the offer. If you buy anything from this website at any point, I will receive a commission. I say this in the spirit of full disclosure, and I sincerely hope that you will also be making commissions. I will reveal my experiences, within the MMO sector, and give my honest opinion on some of the methods used. I hope you get value and enjoy it.

Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic and Facebook in particular is great premium traffic for your site or offer as long as it is harvested correctly. Fan pages and even groups are great places to find new visitors. A word of warning though, these sites have very good security bots. Don't just randomly post links to a landing page in groups, fan pages, or on your own profile. Links directly to a sales page from any affiliate network will simply not work. If you post four or more links in one day you will be GHOSTED i.e. you will be able to see your links but no one else will. Ads on social media can also be very effective but you cannot just send traffic to an affiliate landing page, you will need your own website or squeeze page.

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Traffic Methods Continued..                                                                   

Solo ads have become very popular amongst marketers, they tend to be more suited to Biz Op , make money from home, and the MLM niches although they can be successful in self improvement and health niches. A solo ad is where you send an email/ad to an existing email list in a certain niche. Solo ads are not free and the prices vary massively and so do the responses and conversions. You will have to search for the one that suits your business best. I will present here the market leader and the one that is well respected by active marketers worldwide.

UDIMI are the solo ads masters really, they are not cheap however. So it's for you to decide if solo ads are for you, check out their website it's quite impressive. You can also get some good solo ad deals on FiveR again though it's for you to decide if they fit in with your current activities.

Adblasters and Text ads

Many different companies exist in this field, they can be very useful. One of the best I can find that gives you free text ads on joining and gives options to blast your ads to 4 million subscribers, as well as paid upgrades if you wish is the Goldmine it's definately worth a look.

Cold Traffic for Affiliate Sales and Buying Traffic in General

In the good old days of affiliate marketing, you could just find a good affiliate offer from your favourite network, buy some traffic and point it at your affiliate link, and you would get sales. Cold traffic like that direct to your affiliate link no longer works. Buying traffic from 3rd party suppliers is a lottery at best, some are good quality tier 1 traffic but some are not. Choose wisely if you are going to but traffic like this. Some suppliers can supply to an interest niche, some just to a geographical location country. The quality is usually dictated by the price and you have to track the traffic. I have recently tested various traffic suppliers, and have sent cold traffic to well performing affiliate offers without any success whatsoever, I varied the supply by country and by niche but still no results. Now this may be down to me , but it may also be an indication that the market doesn't work like that anymore. The Guru's say it's all about getting your sales funnels right and we shall explore sales funnels shortly, but for now the message is that the buyer should beware when buying traffic.

Update on Buying Traffic

There is some great free training on how to buy premium traffic at the lowest possible price in the ZERO HOUR WORKDAY by the Internet Guru Brendan Mace and you can get it for FREE on the Good Stuff page.

Visitor Traffic Methods

find outTraffic is the lifeforce of any website or affiliate offer, if you can't get traffic you are dead in the water.

Free traffic is obviously the preferred type but where do you get it and is it any good ?

Traffic Exchanges are usually the starting place for any marketer new to the business but do they work? You have to view a website for a pre-determined amount of time and in return you will get a credit, you can exchange these credits for views of your website by others, it's a fair trade but can be time consuming. I only recomend traffic exchanges that offer a 1:1 ratio ie: you view one you get one view of yours. Traffic exchanges are full of people like you and me, i.e. people promoting a product or opportunity. They are interested in opportunities or they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. The best things to promote on traffic exchanges are make money online, work from home or MLM opportunities. Supplements, health products or self improvement products tend not to do so well. Traffic exchanges are also good for  lead capture for the above mentioned opportunities.

There are literally hundreds of traffic exchanges out there, I would recommend exchanges that offer a 1:1 surf ratio, so you view a site and you get one view of your site or offer. I only recommend the big players. and as I see it they are...

EasyHIts4U  the biggest and best in my opinion, also sell cheap traffic if your niche is one I have mentioned.   

Traffic G  Good honest 1:1 ratio exchange with many members.

1:1 hits Another great 1:1 traffic exchange

Traffic Swarm  been around a long time, different layout and feel to other exchanges.

Commenting on Niche forums and putting a link in your signature.

This method of getting free traffic is very labour intensive and takes a while to bear fruit. You have to have commented several times before to be able to put a link in your signature. However the traffic is premium and interested in your niche, just make sure your posts and comments don't look spammy or over the top advertising or you will get banned or burned.

Autosurf Traffic Exchanges

In my humble opinion are a waste of time, you can just log on and walk away, which is in my opinion what most people do. If you are just after numbers they are ok but I can say with confidence that I have never had any conversions from these in 12 years of online marketing, and I track every link carefully to see what works.


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